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Michigan Drivers License Restoration Substance Abuse Evaluation Requirement for the DLAD / DAAD

You are required to have a current substance abuse evaluation prepared by a license substance abuse evaluator

Driver's License Restoration at the DLAD

If you are seeking to restore your Michigan driver's license, you are required to have a current substance abuse evaluation prepared by a qualified professional that is complete and accurate. The revoked motorist bears the burden of proof by clear and convincing evidence at a Michigan driver's license restoration hearing. Because the driver must prove his or her case, any deficiencies in the evaluation will result in a denial of the application for a Michigan driver's license. This includes discrepancies between the information in the substance abuse evaluation form and other evidence presented by the petitioner.

Substance abuse evaluator must be prepared to address your entire substance abuse history

Since deficiencies and discrepancies in the substance abuse evaluation form are used against a person seeking to have the Michigan driver's license reinstated, the substance abuse evaluator must be familiar with Michigan's license restoration requirements. At the Maze Legal Group, we encourage our clients to use experienced substance abuse evaluators. Much like lawyers, there are a lot of substance abuse evaluators in practice. Some offer bargains, but in the end, the quality of service is what really matters.

10 Panel Drug Sreen

In addition to the substance abuse evaluation, a person who applies to get their Michigan license reinstated must also submit to a 10 panel drug screen. This includes the original copy of a laboratory result from a urinalysis, including readings for the integrity variables creatinine and specific gravity of the urine test result. IMPORTANT: Although these tests have become common at many workplaces, a substantial majority of the public has never submitted to a urinalysis test. It is important that you refrain from drinking too much water or coffee prior to the test. These and other diuretics will reduce the amount of creatinine in the urine. Creatinine levels are used to ensure that a sample has not been tampered with or diluted. In many instances, people unwittingly fail a drug screen test because they consumed too much water or coffee prior to testing, so make sure you do not inadvertently fail the drug screen test.

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