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Getting your Michigan license restored while living in another state: Does Michigan have a hold on your license?

If Michigan maintains a hold on your drivers license, your first step is calling a great Michigan drivers license restoration lawyer.

Driver's License Restoration at the DLAD

After a person has received two or more convictions for drunk driving within 7 years, the driver is permanently revoked even though that person may apply after the eligibility date. Many years might pass before a motorist feels that he or she is ready to apply for a driver's license. Frequently, people find that they have moved to another state before deciding to apply for their Michigan driver's license. Since Michigan maintains a hold on the driver's license, no other state is authorized to grant a driver's license to the motorist.

This poses some unique challenges. Do you come back to Michigan for the hearing? Can you afford the time to travel here? Where do you find a qualified substance abuse evaluator in your home state?

You may seek to have your driving privileges restored through the mail

If you are no longer a Michigan resident, you may apply for an "administrative review" to get your driver's license restored. If you opt to submit an administrative review, you will not have to appear in person. Instead, the Michigan Secretary of State reviews the documents that you submit along with its own records to determine whether full driving privileges can be reinstated. After submitting all of the relevant supporting documentation, you receive a decision in the mail. If the decision is unfavorable, you can still request an in-person or video hearing with the Michigan license appeal board. You may only request one administrative review in any 12 month period.

Michigan just wants its money, right?

NO! That is absolutely not true. Michigan is one of the hardest states to get your drivers license restored following repeat alcohol-related convictions. Even if you promise never to return to Michigan, the Hearing Officer will deny your application if it is believed that you are still drinking. Out-of-state applications are some of the most difficult cases in many instances.

For the person who makes a sincere effort to take the steps to restore their driving privileges, however, there are clearly some benefits to the administrative review. You get two chances to win back your license, and you do not need to travel to Michigan for the first determination. The problem, however, is that drivers tend to carelessly submit requests for administrative review. The documentation that you submit must provide the hearing officer with clear and convincing evidence that your substance abuse problem is no longer an issue, and there is no reasonable likelihood that you will ever drink again. In connection with those documents, you must also provide a substance abuse evaluation that comports with the DLAD rules. Many out-of-state evaluations fail to comply with these requirements.

Hire a Michigan lawyer before you consider an Administrative Review

You should hire a Michigan lawyer to assist you to prepare for the administrative review. The lawyer can decide whether an administrative review is appropriate in your case. In many instances, it is more beneficial for the out-of-state motorist to travel to Michigan for the hearing. But if your case is an appropriate case for an Administrative Review, you do not want to submit the wrong information that will become part of the Secretary of State’s permanent record.

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