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Learn about the Michigan DLAD ("Drivers License Appeal Division") and Michigan DAAD ("Drivers Assessment and Appeal Division") at the Secretary of State

Technically, it’s no longer the DLAD, but ...

Driver's License Restoration at the DLAD

The Michigan DLAD ("Drivers License Appeal Division") is no longer technically known as the DLAD. A few years ago, this subdivision of the Michigan Secretary of State changed its name to the Michigan DAAD ("Drivers Assessment and Appeal Division"). Old habits die hard, however, and everyone still calls it the DLAD. More accurately, it is the Michigan Department of State, Administrative Hearings Section.

Hearing officers are administrative law judges

The DLAD is an administrative agency. This means that they carry quasi-judicial powers under the Administrative Procedures Act. Under the Administrative Procedures Act, the Legislature has delegated certain powers to an agency acting under the authority of the Executive branch. The hearing officers are administrative judges, and the hearings conducted at the DLAD are formal, recorded hearings, not unlike a regular court of law. Other examples of administrative agencies acting in quasi-judicial roles include the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Labor Relations Board, and a whole litany of other federal agencies. Michigan, like the federal government, has dozens of these quasi-judicial agencies to help run the government's day-to-day affairs.

The Hearing Officers are required to follow carefully defined responsibilities

Just like judges, the Hearing Officers at the DLAD are individual people with different approaches and different philosophies. But unlike judges, who have broad powers, the Hearing Officers have carefully defined and delegated responsibilities. This means that each Hearing Officer is going to act within those designated boundaries. Nonetheless, some tend to be a little more liberal, while others are extremely technical and conservative. An attorney who is experienced in driver license reinstatement issues becomes familiar with the different hearing officers.

Because Hearing Officers act under carefully defined rules, there is nothing stopping you from winning your license back after your first year!

The Secretary of State has promulgated specific rules based upon the statutory mandate, and Hearing Officers most frequently deny a person’s application for technical reasons. If a petitioner fails to provide an accurate substance abuse evaluation, or if the person submits testimonial letters that do not meet certain guidelines, the Hearing Officer will deny the application. But, because Hearing Officers act under these specific rules, there is nothing stopping you from getting your license back after your first year of revocation, so long as you meet all the requirements and follow the technical rules. This is where we can help!

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