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How to determine your eligibility date, even if the Secretary of State has you revoked for the next 234 years.

Under older rules, the Michigan Secretary of State continued to tack on additional years

Driver's License Restoration at the DLAD

If your license has been revoked for a long time, chances are good that you have a long list of tickets and DWLS charges that supposedly revoke your driving privileges long past your natural lifetime. These old rules may still reflect an outrageous “eligibility date” on your license, but you are likely eligible if you have not picked up a new case in the last year.

The simple way to determine your eligibility date:

If you have two drunk driving convictions within 7 years, you are revoked for life. Yes, the revocation is for rest of your life, and many people do not understand this fact when pleading guilty to a second alcohol-related conviction. But you are eligible to apply for a Michigan drivers license reinstatement after one year following your first revocation. A second revocation results in a 5 year minimum revocation.

Every time that you apply where you are unsuccessful in getting your license back on a restricted basis, you must wait for another year to elapse before applying again. And keep in mind that every time you get an abstracted ticket that serves as proof of driving, the clock starts again for at least one year.

If you pick up a ticket for anything during this process, we have to keep it off your record!

As you consider whether to hire an experienced Michigan lawyer who handles Michigan driver's license restoration cases, consider whether you can afford to live another year, or another 5 years, without license. You must consider the fact that, if you are driving on a suspended license, you are likely to get caught at some point. Every time you are caught driving on a suspended license, you face a DWLS charge, which carries up to 93 days in jail plus a laundry list of additional penalties. Proof of driving received by the Michigan Secretary of State, such as a conviction for even "no ops on person" essentially resets the year or 5 year revocation period as well!

Can you afford to go another year?

Our fees and payment plans are reasonable enough to accommodate almost every person. We are not bargain attorneys, but if consider the ramifications of another minimum suspension / revocation period, our fees actually save you a long hassle, loss of income and possible additional costs that you might not otherwise incur. Call us today to discuss your license restoration case toll free at (888) 941-1122 or locally at (734) 591-0100.

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