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Michigan Drivers License Restoration Overview

Revocations are for life, but you may petition the DLAD DAAD to get your Michigan driver's license back

Driver's License Restoration at the DLAD

Repeat drunk driving offenders face license revocation upon conviction if there are two or more convictions within 7 years. The revocation is for LIFE. The courts are no longer permitted to grant restricted licenses based upon any personal hardship that might be suffered. The life time revocation may be set aside once a person whose license is revoked has requested reinstatement through the DLAD (Driver's License Appeal Division) after they have reached their eligibility date. At this hearing, the revoked driver bears the burden of proof by clear and convincing evidence.

Five things you MUST provide and prove to the DLAD:

To satisfy the DLAD, a person must provide a positive alcohol evaluation, and they must show that they have a) stopped using alcohol, b) successfully completed alcohol therapy, c) regularly attend a support group such as Alcoholics Anonymous, d) produce letters from family and friends showing a change in lifestyle and impact from being alcohol-free, and e) show a reason and need to drive.

If you pick up a ticket for anything during this process, we have to keep it off your record!

Driving on a suspended or revoked license (DWLS) or proof of driving on a suspended or revoked license (such as an abstracted ticket for "no operator's permit on person") will results in an additional term of suspension being added to the suspension period. Thus, the eligibility date is extended farther out by the Secretary of State upon conviction or proof of DWLS.

We have been successful in keeping tickets and convictions for DWLS off a person's license, but this is by no means guaranteed. If we are unsuccessful in keeping the ticket off of your record, the clock gets reset for another year.

We can provide you the forms, but you should consider calling our firm for help.

The form for appealing is available online here at our site. The mailing address for mailing the request for hearing is:

Michigan Department of State
Administrative Hearings Section
P.O. Box 30196
Lansing, MI 48909-7696

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