Michigan drunk driving charges cause stress Michigan drunk driving charges cause marital strife Michigan drunk driving charges can impact professional license Michigan drunk driving charges affect the family But there is hope with a Michigan drunk driving charge

You need the best drunk driving defense lawyer!

If you have a drinking problem, I will get you help. I can also get you a deal in most cases. But do not blindly trust the government's evidence.  I can show you specific reasons why you might want to fight a Michigan drunk driving charge, and I have beaten hundreds of drunk driving cases.

Learn about breath testing in Michigan drunk driving cases

Defense lawyers rarely put up a fight...

Defense lawyers rarely put up a fight and almost never take cases before a jury. Their best plan is to plead you guilty to impaired. I am a published author in drunk driving defense. I lecture on DUI defense, and I have extensive training, specialized knowledge, and jury trial experience.

Learn about blood testing in Michigan drunk driving cases

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Learn about field sobriety testing in Michigan drunk driving cases

Michigan presentation on drunk driving defense / DUI defense presented in Detroit, Michigan 2009 before metro area criminal defense lawyers. Visit our drunk driving videos section to view the entire seminar.

Can the Police Stop a Vehicle for Tinted Windows in Michigan?

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects "[t]he right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures." U.S. Const. amend. IV.

Michigan Drugged Driving

William Maze on Drugged Driving and DREsDrugged driving is the newest buzz across Michigan.


Michigan March Madness: Drunk Driving Enforcement Increases!

They say that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, but it is also a time of increased drunk driving enforcement across Michigan.  Around St. Patrick's Day, Michigan police departments receive federal money to pay alcohol enforcement officers overtime pay. These federal grants continue to pay off throughout the course of a drunk driving case.  In other words, if you are stopped and arrested for a drunk driving offense on St. Patrick's Day, the federal grant money will provide the officer with additional compensation for future motions and a trial.

These federal grants are insidious. While they were designed to target increased alcohol consumption around certain holidays, the grant funds can also provide officers with an increased incentive to charge sober motorists with drunk driving. We have had more than one client charged with a drunk driving crime in Michigan when breath and blood tests revealed no alcohol and no drugs!  Many officers use this grant money to supplement their annual income, and the grant pays officers supplemental income even if the prosecutor dismisses the charges or a jury returns a not guilty verdict.

Frankly, I love March.  Fishing starts back up, and the morels get ready to pop up.  I enjoy a little corn beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's, along with a green beer or two.  But if you drink and drive, you have to be careful as Michigan thaws from its brutal winter.  Alcohol consumption begins to increase, and the bars pick up business as people are more willing to leave the shelter of their homes.  If you get stopped and charged with a Michigan drunk driving offense, you better know your rights before the officer asks those dread words, "Have you had anything to drink this evening?"  

If you are facing a Michigan drunk driving charge, we are here to help.  Feel free to call our office 24 hours a day at (734) 591-0100 or toll free at (888) 941-1122.


A Michigan Drunk Driving Charge is Serious!

Michigan drunk driving charges are seriousA Michigan drunk driving charge is very serious. You must treat this charge as potentially life-changing. Many lawyers make a great deal of money on these cases by pleading people guilty to the offense of "operating while visibly impaired" (OWVI) without ever exploring a defense.  An OWVI counts as a drunk driving conviction, and a Michigan drunk driving conviction can:

  • Result in a jail term or imprisonment
  • Loss of driving privileges and automobile forfeiture
  • Collateral consequences on professional and occupational licenses
  • Steep fines, costs, and driver responsibility fees
  • Probation, community service, and work programs
  • A Michigan drunk driving conviction cannot be expunged, set aside, or taken under advisement. A lot of people think that the courts simply want their money. No, to the contrary, the courts and the prosecutors demand money and a whole lot more.

A drunk driving charge is one of the most serious crimes that an ordinary everyday person might face in a lifetime, and most of our clients have never faced a criminal charge. Drunk driving cases are also some of the most complicated offenses for a criminal defense lawyer to handle, with an emphasis on scientific and highly technical defenses. But the good news is that these cases can be won, and you've been lucky enough to stumble across a law firm that has focused on drunk driving defense for over a decade and a half. With years of training and experience in field sobriety testing, breath testing, urine analysis, and blood testing, you have found one of Michigan's leading drunk driving defense firms. Call us right now so we can put our experience, training, and knowledge to work for you!


Were You Arrested for a Michigan Drunk Driving but Released?

If you were arrested by the police but released the next morning from jail without a court date, you need to review this information!  

  • If you intend to protect your rights, you need to obtain videos from the police within 30 days before these materials are recycled.
  • In the case of an OWI blood draw, you may be required to submit paperwork to the Secretary of State within 14 days to save your license.
  • OWI 2nd and OWI 3rd charges may take months to file, but you must act now to protect your rights.
  • "Super Drunk" and "Child Endangerment" charges may also take several weeks for a prosecutor to authorize.
  • "Drugged Driving" charges may take over a year before charges are filed, but you cannot afford to wait until then under any circumstance.

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Can't Afford the Best Michigan Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer?

Our firm charges between $1,500 to $7,500 for a typical drunk driving case, with some cases costing our clients $15,000 to $20,000 and as much as $50,000. Drunk driving charges are serious criminal cases that should not be handled like a routine traffic ticket. But we understand that not everyone can afford these premium fees.
So what if you can't afford the best drunk driving defense lawyer in Michigan? Our goal is simple: We really want to help you! We want to look at your case, get you help if you need it, and assist you in obtaining the best result in your case, even if you can't afford our services.
Take advantage of our $500 EVALUATION PLAN! Complete our free online FOIA forms by requesting the most relevant information pertaining to your case, pick up those materials from the police department, and Mr. Maze will review your reports, videos and other materials, providing you with a complete good faith evaluation of your case and your options. Already have a lawyer? No problem. We are more than happy to work with that lawyer or keep your consultation confidential. This is a $1,500.00 value, and you will walk away knowing how to proceed with your case. Compare this to the cheapest lawyers in Michigan who charge you the same price to plead you guilty without ever looking twice at your case. Best of all? Your $500 payment will be applied to your retainer in the event that you decide to hire our firm! Call us today at (888) 941-1122 for further details.

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