Michigan presentation on drunk driving defense presented in the Third Circuit Court in Detroit, Michigan before criminal defense lawyers, judges and prosecutors. Visit our drunk driving videos section to view the entire seminar as well as the more recent drugged driving seminar.  One of our prior clients watched these videos and said, "I'm actually not guilty based upon what you said in these videos." It took a little bit of effort, but a jury in Lansing agreed.



4th of July DUI?

There is a spike in drunk driving arrests each year around the 4th of July.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) pays out large grants each year to fund special DUI task forces over the Fourth of July holiday weekend.  Every DUI task force in the Michigan police departments that receive federal funding is expected to report a minimum number of drunk driving arrests over the holiday weekend.

If you find yourself arrested over the holiday weekend, there is a chance that you are one of the many motorists who drank too much celebrating a few days off from work.  There is also a chance, however, that the police officer made an unlawful traffic stop to justify the overtime pay that the officer receives by working over the holiday weekend.  If this sounds nefarious, it is.  A quick youtube search will produce dozens of videos showing how a few police officers abuse the powers legally afforded to them at sobriety checkpoints across the nation.  Although sobriety checkpoints are unlawful in Michigan, this does not prevent police officers from stopping motor vehicles without adequate evidence of impaired driving.

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A Michigan Drunk Driving Charge is Serious!

Michigan drunk driving charges are seriousA Michigan drunk driving charge is very serious. You must treat this charge as potentially life-changing. Many lawyers make a great deal of money on these cases by pleading people guilty to the offense of "operating while visibly impaired" (OWVI) without ever exploring a defense.  An OWVI counts as a drunk driving conviction, and a Michigan drunk driving conviction can:

  • Result in a jail term or imprisonment
  • Loss of driving privileges and automobile forfeiture
  • Collateral consequences on professional and occupational licenses
  • Steep fines, costs, and driver responsibility fees
  • Probation, community service, and work programs
  • A Michigan drunk driving conviction cannot be expunged, set aside, or taken under advisement. A lot of people think that the courts simply want their money. No, to the contrary, the courts and the prosecutors demand money and a whole lot more.

A drunk driving charge is one of the most serious crimes that an ordinary everyday person might face in a lifetime, and most of our clients have never faced a criminal charge. Drunk driving cases are also some of the most complicated offenses for a criminal defense lawyer to handle, with an emphasis on scientific and highly technical defenses. But the good news is that these cases can be won, and you've been lucky enough to stumble across a law firm that has focused on drunk driving defense for over a decade and a half. With years of training and experience in field sobriety testing, breath testing, urine analysis, and blood testing, you have found one of Michigan's leading drunk driving defense firms. Call us right now so we can put our experience, training, and knowledge to work for you!

Were You Arrested for a Michigan Drunk Driving but Released?

If you were arrested by the police but released the next morning from jail without a court date, you need to review this information!  

  • If you intend to protect your rights, you need to obtain videos from the police within 30 days before these materials are recycled.
  • In the case of an OWI blood draw, you may be required to submit paperwork to the Secretary of State within 14 days to save your license.
  • OWI 2nd and OWI 3rd charges may take months to file, but you must act now to protect your rights.
  • "Super Drunk" and "Child Endangerment" charges may also take several weeks for a prosecutor to authorize.
  • "Drugged Driving" charges may take over a year before charges are filed, but you cannot afford to wait until then under any circumstance.

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Can't Afford the Best Michigan Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer?

I am still willing to help!  Drunk driving charges are serious criminal cases that should not be handled like routine traffic offenses. But we understand at my firm that not everyone can afford to pay a lot for the best drunk driving attorneys.
So what if you can't afford to hire the best drunk driving defense lawyer in Michigan? Our goal is simple: We really want to help you! We want to look at your case, get you help if you need it, and assist you in obtaining the best result in your case, even if you can't afford our services.