My DUI Client Guarantee

My DUI Client Guarantees

I want you to know and understand that when you hire me, you are hiring the best DUI attorney in the State of Michigan.

I have more training, more qualifications, and more jury trial experience than any other drunk driving defense lawyer in Michigan. But aside from my skills? I actually care about you and your case.  

I want you to feel absolutely comfortable and secure in the knowledge that I am putting forth my best efforts in your case.  To give you assurances, I put my guarantees in writing in each of my attorney-client agreements. 

I put the following guarantees in writing:

WILLIAM MAZE’S PERSONAL GUARANTEE: 1) I will provide you with competent representation at all times.  2) I will always provide you with quality legal assistance with thoroughness and preparation.  3) I will never neglect your case. 4) I will always approach your matter with diligence and promptness.  5) I will aggressively defend you and pursue your objectives, and only your objectives, within the scope of the law. 6) My office and I will keep you informed of your case. Any time that you feel it is necessary to contact me, please do not hesitate to call my cell phone at 734.740.1900.  7) My staff and I will keep everything you share with us completely confidential. 8) And last but not least: I will treat your case like I would any member of my family or a close friend.

It may be incredible to believe, but after spending a significant amount of money on a retainer, you might not be happy with the lawyer you hire unless you hire me. The number one complaint reported by Michigan consumers who hire an attorney is "MY LAWYER WON'T RETURN MY CALLS."  That will never happen when you hire me. 

My staff is available M-Th from 9 to 5, but you do not need to defer to my staff.  I do not believe that your attorney should be unreachable, responding through impersonal letters. I am personally available nearly 24 hours a day, and you have my cell phone number printed in my personal guarantee to you.