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Matthew Ruff, Attorney at Law
Law Office Of Matthew Ruff
18411 Crenshaw
Torrance, CA 90504
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The Law Office of Matthew J. Ruff focuses on criminal defense and DUI exclusively. The firm has over 21 years experience in this area of the law and believes everyone deserves a vigorous defense when charged with a crime. The attorney enjoys an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has obtained the best possible rating of 10 out of 10 "superb" from AVVO, the nations largest legal directory and attorney rating service. Because DUI cases are among the most complex of all criminal charges, the Law Office of Matthew J. Ruff has a commitment to constant education and the use of cutting edge science and medical technology in crafting innovative legal defenses. For example, Mr. Ruff was among the first DUI lawyers in the state to use the "GERD Defense" at trial in a breath testing case and obtained an acquittal for his client with a blood alcohol level of .15%. The Law Firm has a "leave no stone unturned" mentality in its approach to all of its cases and has access to a full array of expert toxicologists, medical doctors and former law enforcement investigators to ensure the best outcome. The DUI Law Firm of Matthew J. Ruff is also very familiar with the law of breath testing and the inner workings of all major breath testing devices currently in use. Our firm has been successful in getting breath tests thrown out due to errors in administration of the test as well as mechanical defects and failure to properly maintain the equipment pursuant to the state regulations. With regard to blood testing, few lawyers have the experience or track record in challenging the collection, chain of custody and laboratory protocols. We use this extensive experience to suppress the blood test in Court and at the DMV. In the last few years Matthew has also prevailed in perfecting successful challenges to the state's blood tests. Matthew has been trained on the gas chromatograph machine that many California Labs use to test the blood alcohol concentration of a suspect following a DUI arrest. He has received special training to interpret the "chromatograms" that are generated in each analysis of blood, looking for anomalies and problems that can often be pointed to in detecting errors by lab workers. Unlike many other lawyers, the Law Office of Matthew J. Ruff is a full service DUI Law Firm offering aggressive defense of all aspects of the case including the DMV administrative component. The firm enjoys one of the highest set aside rates for DMV Hearings related to a DUI arrest, including refusal suspensions, excessive blood alcohol, and medical related actions.


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