Michigan Sobriety Court: Should You Consider It?

Michigan Sobriety Court: What You Should Know

If you have been charged with Drunk Driving in Michigan Sobriety Court may be an option.  Speaking with a qualified attorney will help you decide if this could work for you.  Are you facing a Michigan OWI - DWI second offense, high BAC , Child Endangerment, or certain other offenses? If so,  Sobriety Court offers an alternative to the normal sentencing for DUI cases, such as possible reduced jail time, and the ability to receive a restricted Driver's License after an initial 45-Day hard suspension.

In many cases you may be eligible to receive your restricted driver's licenses (requires BAIID) after the 45-Day suspension and continued success in the Sobriety Court Program.

Are you considering a Michigan Sobriety Court Program?How Do You Get in to Sobriety Court

A person wishing to enter one of Michigan’s Sobriety Court programs will have to meet the eligibility for that program.  Requirements may include the following:

  • having at least two prior alcohol or drug related convictions
  • Must not have been convicted of a violent crime
  • Must reside within the jurisdiction of the program

Once meeting the criteria of the program, choosing to enter is voluntary. Michigan Sobriety Court programs are very intense and are not to be considered an easy way out.  Attorney William Maze can help you decide if this may be a option in your case.

What to Expect in Michigan DUI Sobriety Court

The Michigan Sobriety Court program will guide you through  different phases which may include, attending Sobriety Court review hearings, meeting with a probation officer, attending a 12-step programs such as AA , or NA , random drug and alcohol screening, and community service.  As you move through the phases the the frequency of meetings will lessen in most cases.

This intense program is designed for recovery and to reducing the chance of repeat Drunk or Drugged Driving offenses.   The program promotes counseling and offers incentives such as the ability to reduce jail time, and gain restricted driving privileges with use of BAIID .  Contact Maze Legal and speak with William Maze to answer any questions you have regarding Sobriety Court.

Staying on Track with A Michigan DUI Attorney

It is very important to be prepared of what to expect when choosing to enter the Michigan Sobriety Court program.  Having a skilled DUI Attorney to help you know what will be required, as violation may result in the Court termination your participation in the program.  This could result in increased or maximum jail time and reinstating applicable suspensions that apply to Second Offense DUI.  There is also another sanction that could apply if you are removed from Sobriety Court.  When entering  the Sobriety Court program,  any required Michigan Driver's Responsibility Fee payments are delayed to the end of the program.  Violating could cause these fees to be payable immediately.

Violating the terms of the restricted license you gain through participation in Sobriety Court, could mean the court removing you from the program and notifying the Michigan Secretary of State to terminate your driving privileges.  Once the restricted license is revoked, all sanctions that were applicable at the time you entered the program will be reinstated.  These may include suspension, revocation, and denials.

The Good and Bad Regarding DWI Sobriety Court

When weighing the benefits of the Sobriety Court Program, here are a few things to consider:

  • The possible alternative to or reduction of jail time
  • Often granted restricted license after 45 Days
  • Delay in paying Michigan Driver's Responsibility Fees
  • Avoiding immobilization and vehicle forfeiture   

When it comes to con’s, well, this is a tough program.  Being mentally prepared to handle the requirements is something a skilled Dui Attorney can help you with.  You can not take this decision lightly.  A program such as this is designed to be a recovery program.  Home visits may even be required.  You will be responsible to comply with all of the terms once you sign up.  Being informed and preparing yourself to handle the work ahead will be very important to your success. When facing a Michigan DWI , the Sobriety Court Program may be an option you wish to look into. Although this is a very intensive program, as previously stated, it can offer some benefits that can really impact your life.   The ability to avoid jail time is appealing, as is receiving restricted Driving privileges.  Be Informed and prepared to handle this rigorous task by speaking with William Maze today.

When there is so much at risk, be sure to talk to the right Attorney. William Maze is a Michigan DUI Attorney, who has been handling these types of cases for nearly 15 years.  William Maze has taken 100’s of alcohol and drugged driving cases to Trial, he is known as an expert witness regarding NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety testing, as well as being a speaker and published author on Drunk Driving Defense.  Mr. Maze practices across the state of Michigan, including, but not limited to Detroit, Ann Arbor, Livonia, Novi, Northville, Westland, Woodhaven, Canton, and Romulus.