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by If you've got trouble and need the best attorney in Michigan, I highly recommend you contact William Maze of Maze Legal Group. Maze has represented me for the better part of 15 years and has always taken care of me and my friends! He will fight for you even when you don't want to fight for your self anymore. I have to add a quote from Maze when he was representing me a few years ago. I was ready to throw in the towel and make a deal because I was worried about the outcome, Maze stated, "Varner if you want to make a deal then that's your decision but you will have to fire me first because we will win this." I stuck it out and sure enough a few hours later the jury came back with a NOT GUILTY verdict! Maze has always been reasonable with his cost and impeccable as far as a defense attorney goes! I also have to add the fact that Maze has NEVER lost a case in which he represented me on. Even when they had me on video for the "alleged" offense!!!

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by Our son was in an automobile accident and was charged with DUI. He blew a .16, but Mr. Maze was able to get the charge reduced to Reckless Driving. The prosecutor said he almost never agrees to this! Mr. Maze did a great job for us! I would definitely recommend him! (Added 7/13/2013)

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by William Maze did a great job getting my case dismissed. he bombarded the court with motions til they were overwhelmed and decided to dismiss the case. He is also great about giving you time and letting you know what is going on and what your options are. He is a great person and an awesome attorney. thanks for everything william!!(Added 7/5/2013)

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I cannot thank William enough. A .15 BAC jury trial not guilty verdict. He is a true professional with a big heart who really cares about the best interests of his clients. Thank You!

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The only lawyer to have by your side I was a new graduate looking to begin my career and knew that this charge could have detrimental consequences to my future. Knowing the situation that I was in, I started to research lawyers and found that William stood out among the rest. He seemed to have the most determined personality and a drive to be the best. His reputation, certifications, memberships, and trial experience showed me that he really cared about what he did and was going to fight until the bitter end.
His staff was very professional, informative, and helpful whenever I had questions or concerns. I always got quick responses and would be able to talk to Maze directly if I needed too. He was always prepared and knew exactly what our next move was going to be. I was walked through each part of my case and was never left in the dark. These factors let me know my case was always a priority.
From the first day I met William he made me feel comfortable that my case was being handled by the right person and that he was going to do anything to work in my best interest. During this long case and many courtroom visits, William was able to keep my mind at ease, even when I felt I had no chance. I would even have a boost of confidence when he simply walked into the courtroom. This was because everyone knew who he was, and they knew it wasn't going to be easy. I am proud to say that I know William Maze and believe he will only get better as time goes forward.
When the final day came, I finally heard the result of all his hard work.
"I recommend William as the only person you should have by your side during this time in life"
"You gave me my life back, Thank You!"

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Excellent Lawyer Mr. Maze was great. He got my DUI reduced to careless driving and disorderly conduct no probation! I highly recommend him. He may be priced higher than other attorneys but I believe you get what you pay for! He is a bulldog that fights for his clients. I could have taken it to trial but did not want to chance it with the offer from the prosecutor he got me.

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I received a DUI in CA while driving on my AZ license. I was in the process of moving to MI when this happened (I was on vacation). Mr. Maze provided me with solid advice on the potential consequences of switching my license over before / after the conclusion of the process in California. He also provided me with the name of a colleague in AZ to advise me of the potential ramifications there.
I did not wind up hiring Mr. Maze, as the case is being argued in CA; but if I should need an attorney in MI, I will certainly give him a call.

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Superb representation After coming into a bit of legal trouble regarding leaving 2 hunting knifes and a bottle rocket in a carry on at the airport on my way to a vacation. After returning home from a relaxing trip, I began to search for an attorney to help me handle my mistake. My search quickly led me to Mr. William Maze. His expertise in criminal law and the local court resulting in a quick and outstanding resolution. The matter was conclude on the day of the pretrial, no need to come back to the courthouse weeks later for sentencing, solved day one with minimum fines applied. Furthermore, Mr. Maze's ability to understand and address my concerns made this experience just a little more tolerable. Thank you Mr. Maze. Keep up the good work!

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Unbelievable lawyer, knows his stuff to win! If you want someone to really defend your case with a positive results, hire Mr. Maze. He knows everything there is to know to defending a OWI/DUI case. Case DISMISSED...WE WON!!! period.

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Great DUI Lawyer William Maze came through for me!

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I can't thank you enough Mr. Maze. I really appreciate all your help in this case. -LB

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Mr Maze got my OWI charges dismissed completly I was charged with OWI 3rd, after reviewing tapes and reports Mr Maze filed numerous motions on my behalf, the charges were dismissed in both the local and county courts. He is the most honest and intelligent lawyer I have ever worked with. Cost for the case were exactly what he told me from the begining, Thank You Mr. Maze

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Excellent Attorney I had an issue regarding a DUI. I conducted several inquiries into attorneys. After several consultations, I decided on Mr. Maze. He was extremely informative and very professional. He has an outstanding courtroom persona. As a result of obtaining Mr. Maze as my attorney, I was rendered with and extremely favorable judgement. I would strongly recommend him to anyone in need of a DUI Lawyer.

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Best DUI lawyer ever and knowledgable in other areas too William Maze represented me in a matter resulting from an infraction at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Due to his extensive review of the matter prior to our courtroom appearance, we were in and out of the courtroom with a VERY satisfactory verdict in less than 10 minutes. Since then I have recommended him to many of my friends and relatives for a wide range of reasons, when he feels he is the right man for the job, he will take them on as a client and if he feels another lawyer might serve them better, he will recommend one. But always, my friends have found themselves well represented, either by Mr Maze, his team or another lawyer he recommended to them.

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I received a traffic ticket for "distracted driving" when an officer pulled me over for suspicion of drunk driving. Although I only sought information regarding this simple ticket, Mr. Maze demonstrated great professionalism and concern for my situation. He checked some facts and delivered the results to me very quickly so that I could best proceed.

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Highly recommend! I was very impressed with Mr. Maze and his staff. They were supportive and informative, patiently answering all of my questions. They also clearly explained all of my options to empower me to make the best choices for my situation. From the person answering the phones to the office managers to the assistants, Mr. Maze's staff is kind, respectful, and ready to help. Mr. Maze is easy to get a hold of, but in the few occasions in which he was unavailable, he always returned my call the same day. He followed through on every aspect of my case in the time frame he reported to me. I was relieved to have someone as knowledagble and professional as him working with me.

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AMAZING Mr. Maze did a very thorough job with my case. He gathered all the facts and was on target with everything he did to help me. He went out of his way assure me my case would win and he did a great job getting me through it.

5 / 5 stars

I don't know where to begin expressing my thanks to you for all your help. Driving under the influence is a serious offense, and one that could have ruined my reputation. Thank you again for your professional and effective help and genuine kindness.

5 / 5 stars

I would strongly recommend Mr. Maze to anyone in need of a DUI lawyer!

5 / 5 stars

What Other DUI Lawyers Are Saying About Us

I am very happy to endorse William Maze as a true expert and attorney in DUI defense. Unfortunately, what many people facing a DUI don't know is that there are literally hundreds of attorneys in any metro area who will handle their DUI. However, maybe only a handful of these attorneys truly know how to defend these complex scientific cases. If you submitted to a blood test, breath test or even standardized field sobriety tests, then you need an attorney who has years of formal training and experience defending these complex cases. Hiring anyone else is usually a recipe for losing. I have known William for years, and I can assure you he is one of those few attorneys who has a complete understanding of the science necessary to challenge these cases successfully. Christopher H. Cessna Attorney at Law Denver, CO

William Maze is single-mindedly focused on one goal; the exoneration of his clients. If prosecutors and judges want to get a conviction, they are going to have to go through William first, and that has often proved to be an insurmountable task. Fearless in defense of his clients, and willing to go to great lengths on behalf of his clients, Mr. Maze is a tenacious advocate who embodies the heart and soul of a devoted defense attorney. I endorse his work. Scott Wonder , Bellevue (WA)

William Maze is one of two attorneys I regularly recommend in Michigan when it comes to DUI defense. I strongly endorse his work. William's drive is phenomenal and he is ready to take on the government's case almost anywhere in MI, it seems. William is dedicated to his clients' best interests and routinely makes personal sacrifices for them, even when it means possible detriment to himself. Quite simply, William is one of the most committed and fearless defense attorneys I know, always willing to go to trial to seek the best possible outcome for his clients. Hands down, he is one of the best choices when it comes to DUI defense in Michigan. Todd La Neve , Clarksburg (WV)

I endorse this lawyer's work. There are many lawyers to choose from. However, there is only one that deserves your trust. Attorney Maze is more than just a gifted litigator he truly cares about those who have entrusted their cases to him. This compassion for others is translated into his innate ability to pursuade others to his/your view with great success. With years of trial experience behind him his advocacy skills exceed those that oppose him. I am not sure what is more recognized, his reputation as an exceptional litigator or his passion to assist others in their time of need. Without hesitation Attorney Maze is the lawyer I trust to help you. Ryan Russman , Exeter (NH)

I proudly endorse my friend, Bill Maze, as a committed DWI warrior. Bill has a reputation among the best DWI attorneys in the nation as a "Top Gun" DWI trial lawyer. Bill is my "go to guy" when it comes to criminal attorney referrals for the state of Michigan. I have known Bill for a number of years and have been thoroughly impressed with his fighter's attitude, determination, skills, training, certification status, knowledge and experience in the courtroom. As a former cop I can tell you that Bill is the kind of lawyer I hated facing in a courtroom from the witness stand. With the determination of a bulldog, Bill will stay after a witness until any bias, slanting of testimony or cop trickery is fully exposed and defeated. Bill has spent countless time and expense to become one of the best trained attorneys in the nation when it comes to DWI defense. Don't even think about taking a DWI to trial for the fight without having Bill Maze in your corner. - Jamie "DWI Dude" Balagia

William is know for his never ending battle to defend his clients. If I have a question about the law in Michigan or need to send a lclient to an attorney in Michigan William is the person I go to. He is know both in Michigan but across the U.S. as the go to guy in Michigan. Edward Ryan , Nashville (TN)

William Maze is one of the most dedicated DUI defense attorneys that I know. I know William through the National College for DUI Defense and can tell you that he is one of the top DUI defense attorneys in the nation, let alone the state of Michigan. William is tireless when it comes to advocating for his clients. You can do no wrong in getting William Maze to handle your case. I highly endorse him. Jason Glass , Clarksburg (WV)

Few attorneys are as dedicated and driven as William Maze. He devotes a great deal of time and effort into gaining and expanding the knowledge and skills needed to be an elite DUI defense attorney. His knowledge of the law and science of DUI defense is matched only by his incredible skill as a trial lawyer. His compassion for his clients is matched only by his desire to achieve the absolute best results for them. I am happy and proud to give Mr. Maze my highest recommendation and endorsement. John Thurston , Manhattan (KS)

Having been a member of the National College for DUI Defense for over 10 years now, and as an annual attendee of two to three national DUI defense seminars, I have been privileged to get to know many of our nation's finest DUI defense attorneys. William Maze is undoubtedly amongst this select group. His reputation for professional excellence far exceeds the borders of Michigan. His reputation as a well trained, experienced, ultra talented yet deeply compassionate, DUI defense attorney is not only national but matched by very few. I proudly and loudly endorse William Maze. The citizen accused could be in no better hands. Period. The fact that he is a personal friend is but a bonus. Harley Wagner , Martinsburg (WV)

William is an awesome attorney in the area of DUI Defense. I have been present at various seminars across the country in which he has also attended, but notably, William was instrumental in my personal education of a critical issue in DUI Defense: Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTS). In the summer of 2007, I jumped on a plane and flew from Jackson, MS to Detroit, MI and attended the student SFST course that William arranged and put together. William and Tony Corotto, a renowned FST instructor and expert, put on an awesome course that took my own practice and level of expertise to a new level. William's cross-examination tips and pointers for young DUI defense lawyers like myself are impressive and very helpful. I would strongly recommend him for anyone facing a DUI charge in the state of Michigan. Thank you, William J. Maze! Lance Mixon , Flowood (MS)

William Maze is a dedicated DUI defense attorney, and I have known him for years through the National College for DUI Defense. He is quite active in that organization, which is comprised of the top DUI defenders in the country. He certainly fits that description. Thomas Hudson , Sarasota (FL)

I endorse this lawyer's work. Attorney Maze is nationally recognized as a leading DWI defense lawyer. He is at the top of his field. David Lovik , Seattle (WA)

Mr. Maze is a highly skilled attorney in the area of DUI and I recommend his services. Nicholas Juhl , Seattle (WA)

Bill Maze takes it to the mat. He focuses his law practice 100 percent on DUI/DWI defense, and the results speak for temselves. He is dedicated, fearless and successful. Anyone who hires Bill is in excellent hands. Mary Prevost , San Diego (CA)

Mr. Maze has an outstanding reputation among attorneys throughout Michigan. I find him very approachable and extremely knowledgable in his area of expertise! Erin Carrier , Big Rapids (MI)

William is smart and tough-minded. I have referred clients and close friends to him because I know he will fight hard and effectvely for them. The results have been excellent. Michael Wernette , Bloomfield Hills (MI)

Mr. Maze is a tireless, zealous advocate for his clients. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, and the will to put that knowledge to use for the benefit of those wise enough to choose him as their advocate. I endorse this lawyer's work. Steven Fagan , Des Plaines (IL)

Some attorneys worry about how they are perceived by courtroom personnel and fellow attorneys when engaging in trial. Bill Maze is concerned with one thing at trial: winning for his clients. He has ruffled more than one bonnet full of judicial feathers, and has decimated overzealous police officers in trial. IBy spending the time and money to get advanced training in field sobriety tests and blood, breath and urine testing, Bill has set himself apart from all but a handful of OWI trial lawyers in Michigan. If you are looking for a bare-knuckled fighter for your case, call Bill Maze. William Head , Atlanta (GA)

I pondered more than once who I would call if I needed a DUI lawyer or a close family member needed a DUI lawyer. The list is very short because even the best criminal defense attorneys are afraid of litigating a DUI case. Not Bill Maze. He is at the top of the list of people who I would trust with my own case. Mr. Maze has helped me raise my level of education in this area of the law and you will not go wrong by putting your case on his shoulders. Michael Nichols , East Lansing (MI)

As a fellow criminal defense lawyer, I know that the sign that a defense attorney is an extraordinary lawyer in an industry is whether other attorneys regularly seek his or her advice. Bill Maze is such a lawyer. Other DWI lawyers often ask for Bill's guidance and seek to learn from his wealth of experience. He is easily one of the most tenacious, intelligent and effective DWI lawyers in Michigan. Bill's exemplary reputation with prosecutors and judges, and his long record of victories in DWI cases, is instrumental in his achieving results for his clients that most other lawyers simply could not achieve. I highly endorse William Maze. Loren Dickstein , Southfield (MI)

William Maze is a great DWI/ DUI Defense Lawyer. Good lawyers know the law; great Lawyers know the law and the science behind DWI/ DUI charges. Without the science, a Lawyer cannot win most DWI/DUI cases. William knows the science since he has made the commitment to belong to the National College for DUI Defense. I give William my highest endorsement. Robert Keefer , Harrisonburg (VA)

I've known William Maze as a respected member of the National College for DUI Defense and a valued contributer to the national community of DUI defense lawyers. I've watched him and read about him for many years. He is an aggressive and intelligent advocate, who always keeps his client's interest at heart. I recommend him to anyone who needs a DUI lawyer in Michigan. Andrew Mishlove , Glendale (WI)

Many criminal lawyers talk the talk, while very few actually walk the walk. William Maze doesn't just walk the walk, he runs the show! William is the only criminal defense lawyer I have ever seen walk into a court room and convince a jury that a .17 blood alcohol level blood test was not accurate and that his client was innocent. In that particular case, his cross-examination of Dr. Adatsi has become something of a legend in the criminal defense community. I am willing to wager that William had more not guiltys than any other criminal defense attorney in Michigan last year. Mr. Maze is fearless, and will take the "unwinnable" cases to trial and consistently win them. He is the only criminal lawyer I know who is feared by prosecutors, judges, and especially the Michigan State Toxicologists. William is recognized as one of the top drunk driving lawyers in Michigan, and he has more trial experience than any other attorney out there. James Amberg , Bloomfield Hills (MI)

William is a tireless and passionate advocate for his clients. He is an experienced trial lawyer that works hard to stay on the cutting edge of DUI defense. I would highly recommend him to represent anyone in Michigan in need of an experienced and hard working DUI attorney. Sharon Curtis , McKinney (TX)

You could not ask for a more dedicated and passionate attorney than William Maze. He puts his clients first and is willing to go to the mat for them. I highly recommend him. Deandra Grant , Plano (TX)

William Maze is a terrific DUI lawyer. He is both tireless and fearless in his defense of his clients. DUI defense is serious work. It is not for the lazy or the faint of heart. William Maze is very well-qualified to do this kind of work. I am proud to call him my colleague. Michael Kessler , Fort Pierce (FL)

I highly endorse William Maze as a Michigan DUI OWIL Attorney. He will go to the mat for any client; he has a great relationship with the courts and is extremely resourceful in finding ways to cut corners. Call William Maze if arrested in Michigan! Donald Ramsell , Wheaton (IL)

Attorney Maze is an attorney who has truly earned a national reputation for the zealous defense of the citizen among us who has been accused of a crime. On a day-in and day-out basis he uses his hard-earned reputation, his knowledge and considerable experience to try to minimize or eliminate the potential negative results that traditionally may follow an accusation by the Government. I trust him. I sure you will too. Justin McShane , Harrisburg (PA)