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Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Updates

Standardized Field Sobriety Testing in Michigan and across the nation: Interview with Tony Corroto regarding new NHTSA 2013 SFST training guide

The new 2013 NHTSA student guide makes radical changes to the training of police officers in drunk driving detection and field sobriety testing.

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Introduction to Hospital and Forensic Blood Testing in Michigan DUI OWI and Drunk Driving Cases


Audio-Only Podcasts

What to Say to the Police If You're Stopped after Drinking: Miranda Rights and the Right to Remain Silent During a Drunk Driving Investigation

If the officer asks, "Sir, have you been drinking tonight," how should you respond?  And what if the officer arrests you for OWI but does not read you your Miranda rights?  

Michigan Chemical Test Refusals and Michigan's Implied Consent Laws: PBTs, Datamaster breath tests, blood & urine tests

Chemical test refusals and penalties, plus the difference between a PBT and a Datamaster chemical test under Michigan law by attorney William Maze of the Maze Legal Group PC.


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