Stopped After Drinking: 6 Simple Rules

Getting stopped by the police can be terrifying for many people. You might be really nervous or scared. Your mouth can feel like a desert while you break out into a sweat, even if you have done absolutely nothing wrong. This is perfectly normal. Police officers see it all the time, and it is called “Blue Light Fever.” 

If you have been drinking alcoholic beverages before a traffic stop, this incriminating knowledge might make you even more nervous. Police officers are trained to carefully observe how long it takes for a person to pull over after the officer initiates a traffic stop. Intoxicated motorists might exhibit a long, delayed response, while others show no response at all or attempt to flee.
If you are stopped after drinking, take a deep breath. It is legal to drink and drive. It is only illegal for a person to drink too much and then drive. Pull your car over to a safe location. Do this carefully and in a prompt manner. Take another deep breath and get your license, registration, and proof of insurance ready. Don’t make any sudden moves, and take another deep breath. 
There are 6 Simple Rules to Follow When Stopped by the Police after Drinking. Learning these 6 Simple Rules will not allow you to drive drunk with impunity, but if you follow these 6 Simple Rules, you will protect your legal rights.
So, let's get started with a really simple one:

1. Be Polite.

Officers will note aggressive and hostile behavior as a possible sign of intoxication.