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If you are seeking an award-winning criminal defense lawyer in Romulus, Michigan, you can place your confidence in William Maze as a seasoned criminal defense attorney. With almost two decades of experience, Mr. Maze has gained a serious reputation for winning cases and getting the best results for his clients.

How many attorneys can beat a DUI charge despite all odds, where a magical guilt-o-meter tells the jury that the client is guilty? Mr. Maze repeatedly gets dismissals and not guilty verdicts on drunk driving cases. But Mr. Maze also brings some serious experience to the table in other felonies and misdemeanors. For example:

While many attorneys never take a case to trial or gain limited experience at bench trials before a judge, Mr. Maze pursues motions and tries cases to juries, and he does this on a regular basis.

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Drunk Driving Charges in Romulus Michigan

Quick Facts about the 34th District Court in Romulus, Michigan, Wayne County District Court

Picture of the 34th District Court in Romulus Michigan where local DUI / OWI / Drunk Driving charges are prosecuted

If you are charged with a DUI offense in Romulus, New Boston, Huron Township, Belleville, Van Buren Township, Detroit Metro Airport or Sumpter Township then your case will be heard in the 34th District Court in Romulus. The 34th District Court has three judges because of the increased number of cases arising out of Detroit Metropolitan Airport. The three current Judges of the 34th District Court are the Honorable David M. Parrott, the Honorable Brian A. Oakley and the Honorable Tina Brooks Green.

The Maze Legal Group maintains a law office in the City of Romulus at 37211 Goddard Rd., Romulus, Michigan 48174. Our main office is located in Livonia, Michigan, but you can also meet with our attorneys at our Romulus office. The telephone number for the Romulus office is (734) 941-8800. We have maintained a strong presence in Romulus since 1997, and Mr. Maze has a lot of experience dealing with all of the 34th District Court personnel and departments. We have taken many cases successfully to trial in the 34th district court and have had countless cases dismissed or reduced.

Although Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy and the various assistant prosecuting attorneys working under the elected official have the ability to prosecute drunk driving cases in the Romulus district court, approximately 75% of area's DUI cases are prosecuted by local jurisdictions using private attorneys who work under a contract with the city or township. In addition to the local jurisdictions, the Wayne County Sheriff and the Michigan State Police frequently charge drunk driving cases in the 34th District Court because of increased patrols along I-94 and I-275 which intersect in Romulus. These cases are handled primarily (although not exclusively) by the county prosecutor's office.

Thumbnail Sketch of DUI / OWI Penalties You Face in Romulus in the 34th District Court If Convicted

If you plead guilty or if you are found guilty of an alcohol-related offense in Romulus following a trial, you are facing the following penalties. Please note that your driver's license remains valid unless or until you enter a plea or are found guilty, even though the police may have issued you a temporary paper license.

First Time Offender: Super Drunk Over .17 BAC

First Time Offender: OWI - Operating While Intoxicated (Same as DUI or DWI)

First Time Offender: OWVI - Operating While Impaired

A second offense for either OWI or OWVI within seven years of a prior OWI or OWVI results in tougher penalties, greater likelihood of jail, and a lifetime revocation of a person's driver's license. A third offense for any combination of OWI and OWVI charges in a lifetime is a felony OWI 3rd offense, which carries mandatory jail and a possible prison term of up to 5 years.

Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Romulus District Court

If you are arrested and charged with a DUI in the Romulus district court, JAMS testing is regularly ordered as a condition of probation. JAMS, LLC stands for "Jail Alternatives for Michigan Services," and it is a private company that performs drug and alcohol monitoring. Their website www.jamstesting.com provides additional information. Judge Parrott is the most likely judge to order JAMS testing while a person is on bond. It is also worth noting that the 34th District Court probation department is employing urine tests for alcohol known as EtG testing. Whenever you are going to court, whether it is in Romulus or elsewhere, assume that you might be subjected to drug or alcohol testing. Do not attempt to purchase bottles of liquids at gas station that claim to help a person pass a drug test. These over-the-counter products do not actually "clean" out a person's system, and you must understand the underlying science before investing your liberty in these gimmicks. Important: When reporting for probation, a mandatory breath test is given on a PBT at the 34th District Court. Do not arrive to court after consuming alcohol!

34th District Court Sobriety Court Program

The Romulus District Court instituted a sobriety court program several years ago, and was one of the first in Wayne County. Widely used in Oakland County courts, this intensive program is designed to address substance abuse problems. For repeat drunk driving offenders with alcohol problems, this program has proven remarkably successful, reducing recidivism and helping people. The program combines monitoring with frequent meetings, and a system of punishments and incentives. Important: The 34th District Court Sobriety Court program is NOT a state-approved program, so motorists facing a second offense for OWI 2nd will NOT be eligible for a restricted license. There are on-going discussions about getting a state-approved sobriety court program because it allows repeat offenders the ability to get a restricted license following a conviction. (Nonetheless, there have been some developments with the sobriety court programs that you must discuss with an attorney before accepting an offer on a sobriety court program!)

The 34th District Court Prosecutors

There are a lot of jurisdictions under one roof in Romulus. Unlike Westland or Garden City, where there is only one local and one state prosecutor, the 34th District Court has a number of prosecutors. In some instances, it is difficult to determine which prosecutor will handle the case. And in some instances, the prosecutor might even change to a different prosecutor during the course of a contested case. Please note: We do not recommend that you contact the prosecutors directly! It is always wiser to have your lawyer engage in all communications with the prosecutor because statements that you make can be used against you.

State Prosecutor for Wayne County

Kym L. Worthy (P38875)
Wayne County Prosecutor
1441 Saint Antoine St
Frank Murphy Hall of Justice
Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: (313) 224-5777
Fax: (313) 224-8180
e-Mail: kworthy@co.Wayne.mi.us

Carole A. Murray, a retired Macomb County prosecutor, was the long-term local prosecutor in Romulus for the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office. She was serving as a contract prosecutor for the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office when Kym Worthy terminated all contract employees last year. At this time, the assistant prosecuting attorney is rotating, so we never know who will be representing the county prosecutor's office on any given day, but we have tended to see a lot of APA Ragan Lake in the 34th District Court. Ms. Lake has proven to be a little difficult, but we haven't had any particular problems with her.

Romulus City Prosecutor

Josh Kaplan(P76596)
Fried Saperstein Abbatt PC
29800 Telegraph Rd
Southfield, MI 48034
Phone: (248) 388-0711
Fax: (248) 353-2514
e-Mail: joshua.adam.kaplan@gmail.com
webpage: http://www.fsalawfirm.com
The City of Romulus has recently elected a new mayor, Leroy Burcroff, and with the new mayor, the City of Romulus has contracted with a new law firm. Josh Kaplan is the new City of Romulus prosecutor. He is "of counsel" with the firm of Fried Saperstein and Abbatt. Mr. Kaplan is a younger lawyer, but he is coming from a very good firm. We anticipate that Mr. Kaplan is going to be a very good prosecutor with decent policies.

New Boston & Huron Township Prosecuting Attorney

Dean C. Robinette (P54197)
Foley & Robinette PC
13349 Reeck Ct
Regency Park
Southgate, MI 48195
Phone: (734) 283-4000
Fax: (734) 283-4587
e-Mail: drobinette@frlawpc.com
Web: www.frlawpc.com

Dean C. Robinette and Kevin Foley are the Huron Township Prosecuting Attorneys. Huron Township includes New Boston where a couple of popular bars are located. As a result, we have had many Huron Township cases. Dean has always been a nice enough guy to work with on a drunk driving case, but he never deviates from guidelines unless the police department suggests it to him. Dean is difficult to work with because he constantly tries to apologize for doing his job. Kevin, on the other hand, is more aggressive, but he is actually willing to get things done by talking to his police officers. As you might imagine, prosecutors rarely disagree with police officials, but a prosecutor must maintain independence from police officials, viewing the case for its merits. We have beaten Dean at trial, with juries returning not guilty verdict, but Kevin has offered us really great deals on cases that we might have won at trial. Pick your poison, right? Kevin has been performing more of the prosecutorial work in the last year, so you do not actually get to choose. Suffice to say that neither Dean nor Kevin are bad guys.

City of Belleville, Michigan Prosecutor

Adam Levitsky (P56179)
Giarmarco Mullins & Horton PC
101 W Big Beaver Rd Fl 10
Troy, MI 48084
Phone: (248) 457-7029
Fax: (248) 404-6329
e-Mail: alevitsky@gmhlaw.com
Web: www.gmhlaw.com

Adam Levitsky is the City of Belleville Prosecutor. Adam has been a prosecutor in the Romulus courts off-and-on for the last fifteen years. Hailing from the 60+ attorney firm of Giarmarco Mullins & Horton PC, Adam is always professional and courteous. He has proven to be a reliable municipal prosecutor over the years. We've worked out many cases with Adam, and we've also fought a fair share of cases against him, but Adam no longer gets any business in Belleville because the police department has gone quiet. We have been monitoring the City of Belleville for several months now, and they have approximately one drunk driving arrest every three months. This is simply incredible, especially during holiday enforcement weekends. For Thanksgiving 2013 and Christmas 2013, they had a total of two arrests!

Van Buren Township Prosecuting Attorney

Christopher Michael Hogg (P69824)
Gasiorek Morgan Greco & McCauley PC
30500 Northwestern Hwy Ste 425
Farmington Hills, MI 48334
Phone: (248) 865-0001
Fax: (248) 865-0002
e-Mail: chogg@gmgpc.com
Web: www.gmgmlaw.com

Chris Hogg is the Van Buren Township Prosecutor. For whatever reason, Van Buren Township seems to have a lot of DUI cases. Although I-94 runs through Van Buren Township, and there are a couple of popular bars, this does not account for the number of DUI cases that arise in Van Buren Township. Moreover, it does not appear that the police are overly zealous, but there are a high number of DUI arrests within the jurisdiction. Chris Hogg is from a boutique law firm that specializes in employment law and medical malpractice claims. The firm also represents a few municipal governments, and this is how he came to represent Van Buren Township in criminal cases. Chris is a great guy, and between the Van Buren officers and Chris, we have had many success stories arising out of Van Buren cases.

Special Prosecutor for Detroit Metro Airport

Matthew A. Zick (P48951)
17735 Fort St
Riverview, MI 48193
Phone: (734) 285-8500
Fax: (734) 282-4665

Matt is a part-time prosecutor / part-time defense attorney from the downriver area. While challenging our various motions that we file on DUI cases, he admits to copying them wholesale without remorse. And yes, we joke about this fact. He is easy enough to work with on cases, but he will frequently give up a contested case to the state prosecutor's office.

Sumpter Township Prosecuting Attorney

Robert P. Young (P35486)
Law Offices of Robert P. Young PC
400 Monroe St Ste 480
Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: (313) 963-3357 Ext. 302
Fax: (313) 963-2333
e-Mail: ryoung@400monroe.com

Rob is a nice guy and real easy to work with on DUI cases, but there are very few Sumpter Township DUI cases. The jurisdiction only has a couple of officers on duty at any given time, so the number of DUI arrests is low. Note: Because of scarce resources, first-time offenders who refuse to submit to a chemical test will rarely be compelled to submit to a blood draw. The officers do not typically seek a search warrant for blood on first-offender cases, although they are certainly allowed to seek a warrant.

34th District Court Judges

The following opinions are drawn from our experiences and dealings with the judges in the 34th District Court. It's important to understand that these are just opinions, and other lawyers might disagree. Because we routinely challenge drunk driving cases, however, our firm's experience with a particular judge might be different from lawyers who do not take cases to trial. None of the comments here should be viewed as an attempt to discredit a particular judge or reflect poorly upon the judiciary.

Hon. David M. Parrott

Judge David M. Parrott of the 34th District Court on DUI / OWI / Drunk Driving Cases

Judge Parrott can be a difficult judge, but after years of struggling with this particular judge, it appears that the last few years have been reasonably pleasant. He tends to impose terms and conditions that are slightly more harsh than his two counterparts in the 34th District Court, but he does not make it impossible for a person to survive their courtroom experience. He is generally not defense-friendly but his rulings might go equally as harsh against prosecutors.

Hon. Brian A. Oakley

Judge Brian A. Oakley of the 34th District Court on DUI / OWI / Drunk Driving Cases

Judge Oakley is an excellent judge and a former defense lawyer who practiced in Romulus for many years before taking the bench. Judge Oakley is an excellent judge for both motion practice as well as trial, but he tends to permit police officers tremendous discretion to effectuate a DUI arrest. Until laws require police officers to administer standardized field sobriety tests, it is difficult to challenge a DUI arrest when officers are not held to an objective standard. With that exception, however, Judge Oakley has made several favorable rulings for our clients in the past. At trial, Judge Oakley emphasizes the nature of the proceedings in a manner that properly underscores reasonable doubt and the burden of proof. At sentencing, Judge Oakley is a very fair judge.

Hon. Tina Brooks Green

Judge Tina Brooks Green of the 34th District Court on DUI / OWI / Drunk Driving Cases

Judge Tina Brooks Green is an excellent judge, and will dismiss a DUI case when prosecutors fail to take appropriate action in certain instances. Nonetheless, like Judge Oakley, Judge Green permits officers broad discretion in their arrest powers, so it can be difficult to win a DUI case during preliminary motions. Although we have had some decent victories before Judge Green and maintain a very good relationship with her, there are occasions where she is too pro-law enforcement. At trial, Judge Green is a very fair judge and provides a very neutral tone before the jurors. At sentencing, Judge Green is fair and reasonable.

34th District Court Map

Map of 34th District Court and how to find the court where your DUI charge will be heard

The court is located at 11131 Wayne Road Romulus, MI 48174, and the court's telephone number is (734) 941-4462. The court is located south of I-94, just east of the I-94 and I-275 interchange. Take Wayne Road south off the I-94 exit and travel south of intersection / traffic light at Goddard Road. The 34th District Court is located on the left / east side of Wayne road.

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The Maze Legal Group can provide you with the highest quality representation in your Romulus drunk driving case. Mr. Maze is an award-winning attorney and one of Michigan's leading drunk driving defense lawyers. He limits his practice to handling only drunk driving cases and DUI-related traffic matters. He is certified in standardized field sobriety tests and teaches other lawyers how to defend DUI cases. He has been trained on the BAC Datamaster breath testing device at National Patent Analytical Systems and owns two BAC Datamaster devices. He has received toxicology training in blood and urine testing, and he has attended hundreds of hours of specialized training in DUI defense across the county.

The Maze Legal Group has handled many Romulus DUI cases, successfully representing clients through motions and jury trials that have resulted in favorable rulings. If you want to know more about our experience in handling drunk driving cases in the 34th District Court or what you might expect in your case, call our office and schedule an appointment with Mr. Maze.