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What is “forensic” science, and why does it make me feel icky whenever a prosecutor uses the word in DUI cases?

According to Webster’s Dictionary, “forensic” is defined as: Etymology: Latin forensis public, forensic, from forum forum 1 : belonging to, used in, or suitable to courts of judicature or to public discussion and debate 2 : argumentative, rhetorical 3 : relating to or dealing with the application of scientific knowledge to legal problems.

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs: Drugged Driving Under Michigan Laws

Michigan drugged driving and impairing substancesDriving under the influence of drugs sounds really bad, and this topic has received a lot of attention lately in the media. Images of teenagers driving like lunatics in Reefer Madness dovetail with the traditional images of drunk drivers sauced up and toting bottles enclosed in brown paper bags.

Can a person be charged with impaired driving at .07 under Michigan law?

Under Michigan law, a motorist can be charged with Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) if the driver’s “ability to drive was substantially and materially affected by consumption of intoxicating liquor.” A driver can also be charged with OWI if chemical tests reveal a bodily alcohol content of .08 or more. Prior to 2004, the legal blood alcohol level was .10, but it was reduced under the new federally mandated .08 legislation.