When am I Eligible to Get My Michigan Drivers License Back?

Eligibility Date For Restoration


The Michigan Secretary of State’s process for restoring driving privileges is handled through the,  DAAD, or “Driver Assessment and Appeals Division.”  When you are eligible to request a hearing you will need assistance from a skilled Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Attorney, but first you may be asking yourself when exactly am I eligible?  


Implied Consent Revocation


There are many reasons a person may have their license revoked.  The Michigan Secretary of State provides information on their site regarding losing your  Michigan driver's license.  Of the many reasons, OWI/DUI are the most common reason people call Maze Legal.  Refusal to take a chemical test will result in a one year hard suspension that is referred to as the Implied Consent suspension.  If you receive a second Implied Consent Suspension within 7 years it will result in a 2 year suspension.  It is very important to remember,  If you refuse a chemical test you only have 14 days to request a hearing.  Do not let this time pass without taking this step to keeping your license.  If you have received a ticket for Implied Consent, you must act quickly to request a hearing or you will automatically be revoked for the period of 1 year.  It is surprising the number of calls we receive after this period has passed.  Carefully read your paperwork and contact our office immediately for more information.  An experienced Michigan Driving Offense Lawyer can explain the details of this first step in saving your license.


Other offenses that result in a revocation of driving privileges include Having a second offense conviction.



Michigan Life-time Revocation


There is no clear and easy way to explain the suspension periods as you probably know if you have looked at the information provided by the secretary of state.  The most basic explanation is:


  • 2 DUI/OWI convictions within 7 years = lifetime revocation.  You will be eligible to apply for a Michigan Driver's license reinstatement after one year following your first revocation.


  • A second revocation of your Michigan Driver's License within 10 years = Lifetime revocation and results in a 5 year minimum before you may apply for reinstatement.


  • Three Drunk Driving convictions within 10 years = Life-time revocation.  



I Got a Ticket While Revoked


During this time if you receive any type of abstracted ticket, it will be used as proof of driving and you will start your waiting period all over again.   Hiring an experienced Michigan Drivers License restoration attorney when you are first eligible could reduce the chance of continued time being added to your revocation.   Being caught up in the system of continued suspension becomes a way of life for some people and it does not have to be.  It is also very important to hire a Michigan Drivers License lawyer if you do receive a ticket while revoked.  Once you take a plea and the ticket is on your record, you may have to start your waiting period over again.  Speak to a qualified Michigan Drivers license lawyer today, there is a possibility that you can keep this from hindering your efforts to get your license back.  In the event that you receive a ticket while suspended, Maze Legal will help negotiate the best possible outcome in order to not impact your efforts to restore your Michigan Drivers License.  



Call our office today to discuss your options and start preparing to restore your Michigan drivers license.  William Maze has been handling cases just like your for nearly twenty years and can answer any question you may have and start you on your way to obtaining your driver’s license. We have 3 conveniently located offices to help people in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Livonia, Canton, Dearborn, Trenton, Woodhaven, Monroe as well as many other areas.