Roadside drug testing has begun in Escanaba, Michigan

So... if the DRE makes the traffic stop, they can administer the oral fluids test, but if they are called to assist in a drugged driving arrest by another officer, they cannot administer the oral fluids test? 

"Once a driver is pulled over for suspected drunk or drugged driving, the individual will be asked to go through the standard field sobriety test and take a breathalyzer test. If the driver is suspected of being under the influence of controlled substances and if a DRE made the initial traffic stop, that officer can administer the roadside test, which involves a mouth swab of saliva.

Otherwise, if a DRE is called to assist another officer who made the initial traffic stop, the DRE cannot conduct the mouth swab test, but the DRE can administer other drug evaluations that go beyond the standard field sobriety test, explained Erickson."


Sgt. Mark Erickson of the Michigan State Police Post in Gladstone is also a drug recognition expert who responds when needed to other troopers' requests for driver drug tests. Erickson has not participated in the roadside saliva testing because he's recently been assigned to administrative duties and is ...