How To Get Your Michigan Driver's License Back

Restore Your Michigan Drivers License


If your Driver’s License has been revoked due to an OWI/DUI in Michigan  and you are now eligible for reinstatement, you face the task of trying to get it back. Seeking the help of a qualified Drivers License Restoration Lawyer is in your best interest.  Michigan has a very strict policy when it comes to driver’s license reinstatement after revocation for DUI/ DWI.  Maze Legal can help you meet those standards with confidence.  Our experience can help you get on with your life, drivers license in hand.


One Hearing Per Year


One try, once a year.  That is it, once you try, if you do not succeed, you must wait a full year to try again.  This is the reason it is so important to do your homework and prepare before attempting to get your Michigan Driver’s License back.  Hiring the right restoration Lawyer who offers a reinstatement program to help you with this process is the first step.  We understand that many people are tempted to apply to the DAAD on their own, and many do it. Unfortunately, not many are successful.   This is not meant to scare you into hiring an attorney, it is just the truth.   Being prepared on your first attempt is worth the effort and cost. If you do not know exactly what the DAAD is looking for, know how to prepare the needed materials correctly, or, how to prepare properly for your hearing. The chance you will be denied is great.  It is always harder to be successful after failed attempts, although not impossible.   Once you have failed in your attempt to be reinstated, there will be added steps in any future attempts at Michigan Drivers License Reinstatement.


The Burden of Proof is on YOU


The burden of proof, in a regular courtroom is on the prosecution.    When dealing with the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division, that burden is shifted.  It is Your Burden to prove you are ready to restore your driving privilege.  Understanding what the process involves is very important.  If you have been revoked for an alcohol or drugged driving offense,  the general consensus is that you have a substance abuse problem that needs to be corrected.  How do you prove you have taken all steps needed to be considered in sobriety?  What standards must be met?  Have you completed the proper counseling, attended sufficient AA meetings?  Do you know how to present your case to the DAAD?   If you have attempted to get your license back previously and were denied,  this has to be dealt with also.  What ever issues brought on the previous denial have to be corrected in a manner that will prove your sobriety, and not just that you changed your answers to suit what you think will work.   Your restoration attorney will need transcripts of your previous hearings to help with this process.   Remember, You are already guilty of losing your license, that is why you are at this hearing, YOU have to prove you now deserve your license back.  This is what our firm can help you accomplish.  Let our many years of expertise help you come out a winner!


Experienced Michigan Restoration Lawyer


We know getting your license back is important to you.  We have the experience and ability to help you do just that.   Call Maze Legal, or fill out a free online evaluation to start your appeal process today.  Speak directly with William Maze and have your questions answered.  Our experienced staff can then help you with gathering all of the needed information to prepare for winning your license back.  This process can seem overwhelming, but we are here to help and try to keep things as simple as possible.  We can handle the details and tell you exactly what you need to do, step by step.   Our staff will always be there along the way to answer any question you may have to help this be as easy an experience as possible.  We understand the importance of restoring your michigan drivers license.   Whether you reside in Michigan or have moved to another state, we can help you restore your MIchigan License.  


What you need to know about Drivers License Restoration


Read further on our site about the Drivers License Restoration process. How do you request a hearing and what is required to do so.  We provide information on obtaining your Michigan driving record, as well as letters of recommendation.   You will need a substance abuse evaluation and we can refer you to a top Michigan Substance abuse evaluator,  as well as preparing you for all other aspects of this process.   We know what is expected of you in order for you to qualify for reinstatement.   Have you completed the appropriate amount of counseling, attending enough AA meetings?  These things are all very important when it comes to showing you are qualified to be reinstated.  Why take the time to apply, if you are not properly prepared?    


Drivers License Reinstatement Questions

Call our office today and speak directly with WIlliam Maze.  Attorney WIlliam Maze is an experienced drivers license restoration lawyer who has been dealing with driving related legal issues for nearly 20 years.  He has the expertise to help you win back your freedom and ability to drive.   Mr. Maze has an experienced staff to assist you in gathering all the proper information you will need.  All paperwork is reviewed by Mr. Maze to assure the best outcome.  Any questions you may have can be answered today just by calling our office.   Once you make your choice we will start you off with our restoration packet.  We understand this can be overwhelming and we will do our best to make the experience as stress free as possible.